22+ 🔥🔥🔥 Amazon Money Saving Tips To Kick Off 2021!

Updated: Jan 26

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Written By: Matthew Collings

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Are you ready for some 🔥🔥🔥 Amazon Money Saving Tips?

2020 undoubtedly kicked online shopping into high gear for many businesses and shoppers around the globe! 2021 is likely going to be no different! So before you head on over to Amazon to spend your Christmas money online, be sure to check out these fantastic money savings tips! These Amazon tips are mind-blowing, easy to use, and sure to save YOU money – so be sure to use them all!

My all-time favorite place to shop online is Amazon, without a doubt! With so many options available, nobody does it quite as well as them! Its rare that I can't find what I’m looking for and at the best prices available. However, as great as they are, did you know there are secret hacks that make them an even better place to shop? And if by some slim chance you don’t have Amazon Prime, I’m kicking this list off with a freebie so you can give it a try!

I’ll be sharing my 22+ top-secret Amazon Hacks that will help you save money. I’ll even show you an easy way to earn serious Amazon gift cards!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

#1 - Try Amazon Prime For FREE for 30 days!

Up first is the opportunity for those who don't have Amazon Prime to score free two-day shipping, exclusive deals, and promotions, FREE for 30 days! Sign up here!

If you are a college student, you HAVE to see tip #7

#2 - Delivery Window Credits

Don’t need that item NOW? Take advantage of delivery window credits by opting for slower shipping at checkout. Select the FREE no-rush shipping instead of the free 2-day shipping. Next, check your email for credits/discounts towards digital Amazon products (like movies and more!).

#3 - Save 20% on Diaper Subscriptions

Diapers are expensive! I remember those days. I was always looking to save on these reoccurring purchases. Amazon offers 20% off when you subscribe to their diaper subscription. That can save you a TON of money in the long run. Click HERE

to sign up!

#4 - Gift Card Exchange

Did Aunt Suzy get you that gift card for Christmas to somewhere you will never shop? Do you have $3 left on a card to somewhere you won’t shop at again? If you have extra gift cards lying around, turn them into Amazon money.

Visit CardCash and type in the gift card you have and how much is on it. They give you an offer and will trade you Amazon cash for your old cards.

Don’t throw away those gift cards with a few dollars on them. Save them and turn them into Amazon cash.

#5 - Shop the Outlet Store

Who doesn’t like outlets? Just like almost every big name store has an outlet, so does Amazon. Shop the Amazon Outlet, and you’ll save lots of money. Browse tons of overstocked and clearance items in a variety of different categories and save BIG!

Items like toys, electronics, beauty products, baby items, and so much more! All at major discounted prices (like up to 80% off percent BIG). Don’t miss this best kept Amazon secret!

#6 - Earn Cashback With Ibotta

Ibotta is such an easy app, and it rewards you quite generously when you use it.

To get started, download the app on your mobile device, create an account and scan your receipt or shop directly through the app. You will then instantly begin earning cashback that you can redeem for more Amazon gift cards.

Be sure to keep an eye out for exclusive offers if you shop on Amazon through their link. These offers can help you earn even more cashback than normal.

Some of the best past offers included:

FREE trial offers of Kindle Unlimited or Audible

FREE Amazon Music Unlimited subscription

#7 - Six Months FREE of Amazon Prime for College Students

College students (and parents) DON'T MISS THIS! Amazon offers a program just for students. It’s called Amazon Prime Student, and to qualify, all you need is to simply be a college student with a .edu email.

Some of the perks include:

6-month free trial of Prime

50% off Prime membership after the trial

Amazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99 a month

Click HERE to give it a try!

#8 Free Amazon Music for 30 Days

Love music? Then you have to check out the FREE Amazon Music trial for 30 days. Stream all of the hottest songs, create custom playlists, and browse thousands of radio stations, all ad-free!

#9 - Use Honey Deals

Google Chrome has some really great extensions. Add Honey to your browser today! This browse extension searches the web for you and automatically shows you the biggest discounts for whatever you are shopping for!

It’s automatic, effortless, and super easy to use. My wife always had me searching the internet for the best coupons. Now Honey does the hard work for me!

# 10 - Trade-In Old Items for FREE Gift Cards

Do you have old items sitting around the house collecting dust? A really super-easy way to save money on Amazon is to trade in your old stuff for Amazon gift cards.

Click HERE to get all the details about the Amazon trade-in program. There are literally thousands of items eligible for trade-in. If you have an eligible product, you can send it to Amazon and receive a gift card back in exchange.

Some examples of things they accept are:



Gaming Systems

Old Books

Video Games

Amazon will even pay to ship these items. This is a great way to save money. Take your gift cards and save them to pay for all of those gifts that come up over the year.

#11 - Amazon Coupons

I bet you didn’t know Amazon has coupons! They aren’t always easy to find, but there are a decent number of coupon areas that will help you save money when you shop.

Here is an extensive list of all the current Amazon Coupon areas:

Browse the coupons, find the one you want, click “Clip,” and add the item to your cart. The discounts will not appear until you get to the final checkout screen, so make sure you get the coupon applied.

#12 - Amazon Cash

Amazon will extend you a FREE $5 credit when you load $25 on your Amazon balance. Once you load your money, your $5 credit will appear at checkout. True, you have to preload your card, but if you are already headed to a store that participates, such as CVS and Walgreens, it’s an easy way to save $5.

Here’s how to claim your free money:

  1. Head to amazon.com/cash and log in to your account. You’ll be given a unique barcode.

  2. Go to a participating store and ask the cashier to scan your barcode or give the cashier your mobile phone number. Then add the amount you want to add to your Amazon Balance in cash.

  3. Shop on Amazon. When you’re ready to checkout, the free $5 will appear.

#13 - Choose less popular sizes/colors/options

Another simple way to save money is to choose sizes/colors/ or options that are not as popular. Less popular items are usually priced lower to help move product.

We ( I mean, Santa) got our kids a trampoline for Christmas from Amazon. There was a version that had an ugly neon green pad to cover the springs, but it was almost $80 less. My kids could care less about what color the pad is. And I’m happy because I saved money!

#14 - Check for used items or resellers

When looking at products, before putting an item in the cart, check to see if it’s available from other resellers or if used items are available. Super easy way to save money!

#15 - Buy Lightning Deals

Lightning deals are great, but you have to be quick to catch these! Lightning deals are limited-time sales and typically have a limited quantity of products at the lightning price. Also, depending on the season, sometimes Amazon will call these deals something different.

When viewing these deals, you may see a countdown timer that shows you how much time is left on this special lightning price.

Don’t be discouraged if you find a deal and it’s sold out. Join the waiting list to be notified if more items become available at a special lightning price.

#16 - Amazon warehouse deals

Another best-kept secret of Amazon is The Warehouse. While it's a little hard to find at first, it just goes to show that it’s where you can find some of the best deals!

To find the Amazon Warehouse area, simply click ‘Today’s Deals’ at the top of Amazon.

There are tons of great deals on quality used products.

If you are worried about items being broken or missing parts, rest assured that Amazon lets you filter your search based on item condition. Product conditions are broken down by:

  • New

  • Like New

  • Very Good

  • Good

  • Acceptable

Items with any sort of defect will have comments advising the purchaser of any issues so that you can purchase with confidence. Don’t forget that Amazon has a very reasonable return policy as well. However, you should verify that an item is eligible for return before purchasing it. Some items also have the option to purchase an extended warranty through a 3rd party retailer.

#17 - Bundle Items

Haven’t decided if Prime is right for you, but still want to order items and not pay for shipping? Bundle your items (minimum $25 purchase) and receive FREE 5-8 day shipping. Eligible items include anything labeled "Free Shipping" on the product detail page that Amazon has fulfilled and shipped. This might take a little more thought on your end and require grouping purchases you wouldn't usually order together, but planning out your purchases in advance in order to receive free shipping is definitely worth it.

18 - Set Price alerts

Amazon’s items fluctuate in price quite often. It’s not uncommon to see some item’s prices change daily. One way to monitor this is to check Amazon daily to see if the price has dropped. However, there are free third-party tools to track these price changes.

One of the most popular sites is CamelCamelCamel. This third party company will let you check the price history of most items, let you know if it has even been on sale, and will alert you if the price drops again. You can have notifications sent to your email or Twitter account.

19 - “Save For Later” price drops

Another way to check for price drops is to place items in your cart and then select “save for later”. Anytime there is a price change, a notification will appear at the top of your cart, indicating if the price has dropped or increased. I do this on several items and may watch prices for a month before purchasing. It’s a great way to save money and forces you to really think if you “want” or “need” this item.

20 - Automate your everyday household purchases

Make a list of essential household items you purchase each month. If you have a Subscribe & Save on these items, you can save even more on products you use all the time.

Subscription services can save you a few dollars here or there on everyday items you purchase each month. And if you are intentional about creating a list of those items, you could rack up the savings rather quickly AND reduce the amount of time you spend in the store purchasing these items. Trips to the store often cost you more money in the long run, because you end up with things you didn't really need. So why not automate these purchases and save BIG?

21 - Daily Deals

Amazon always has daily deals. But let's be honest, who has time to search through these deals every day? If that's you, check out the daily deals subscription where you can get the latest and greatest Amazon Deals!

22 - Check out more FREE trials

FREE trials are a GREAT way to save money. Here is a list of a few you should check out!

  1. Audible

  2. Amazon Business

  3. Free Time Unlimited

Bonus Hack! Are you getting married? Having a baby? Sign up for a registry and SAVE!

Got a big day coming up? Well, if you’re getting married or having a baby soon, then you’ll want to sign up for an Amazon Wedding Registry or Amazon Baby Registry.

When you sign up for an Amazon Baby Registry, they will send you a surprise box of gifts, and you’ll receive a discount on any baby items that were not purchased. Plus, everyone who is celebrating your new bundle of joy with you will find it super easy to spoil you.

Final Thoughts

At The Money Rant, we’re all about getting out of debt, saving money, and building wealth. So whatever you do, NEVER pay full price when shopping online with Amazon again! These hacks are easy, and many of them can be stacked together. When you do a little research before you shop and combine these deals together, the results can save you a ton of more money in the long run. When you are trying to get rid of that Negative Net Worth, every dollar you can save helps!

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